Founded by fiction writer Sharma Shields, Scablands Books is an author-driven boutique press based in Spokane, Washington. Scablands Books aims to publish strange, smart, innovative writing, with an emphasis on writers from the Inland Northwest, including Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana. The titles published here reflect the uncanny and unique landscape of the Channeled Scablands region.




Keely Honeywell


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Sharma Shields

Managing Editor (painting by Kate Vita)


Maya Jewell Zeller

Poetry Editor



Sheri Boggs
Librarian, Spokane County Library District

Kris Dinnison
Author, You and Me and Him

Kailee Haong
Get Lit! Programs

Lisa Heyamoto
Journalism Professor, University of Oregon

Melissa Huggins
Spokane Arts Director

Alexis M. Smith
Author, Glaciers and Marrow Island


Kevin Taylor

Journalist, Essayist